4Knines Travel Bed

4Knines Travel Bed


Product description:

We all like to travel with our pets. This well designed travel bed makes it very easy to do so. You can convert you back seat into a bed, easy to get you pet in and out of the vehicle plus roomy and comfortable for them.

Your vehicle is also an important investment and this wonderful bed make an excellent cover for your seats to protect them from dirt and damage.

This bed is thoughtfully designed to insure both wonderful experience for you best friend and make it easy on you too!


• Amazingly well made cover, some of the highest customer reviews!
• Made from high quality, heavy duty silicon backed material.
• Patented design to make it very easy to install, should take under 40 seconds!

Item Specifications:


Black, Grey and Tan


54″ Regular size for cars, small SUVs

60″ X-Large size for  Large SUVs

Care Instructions:

Easy to clean. You can wipe it clean or vacuum it while still in your vehicle or you can machine wash gentle cycle and line dry.